Monday, June 22, 2015

It's been a long time since I came around...

My dear weasels, I know it's been quite a while seen I've here but it is time to return to the thicket (thick-et / ' THikit/ - a weasel's habitat commonly known as their batcave). Just in case you guys were wondering, for the past 3 years I have been roaming around the world trying to find some horrifying material to share with you guys.

Things I discovered while roaming the world and the woodlands (that's where we the weasels love to hang out):

1. I still hate/despise/loathe "squared-toe" men shoes...why do men keep on doing this? We should start a world campaign against this MAJOR CRIME.

Excuse this the Donald Duck competition?

2. I still despise pointy men shoes. Are you trying to ski? Because we are quite far from the slopes...

3. Why do women still buy platform flip flop? Your toes spread like vienna sausages and they don't flatter or elongate your ankles. Please stop it please for the love of shoes. Bonus points for: toe ring, french manicure and FitFlops.

Nice...digging the white nail tip with the white flip flop

Please stop it. My eyes are bleeding.

Well, I think this is enough writing for a weasel that has been hibernating for the past years. Will be heading to my bed (or shall I say cozy nest) and bringing some nice material for you guys tomorrow.

Over and out,

Sneaky weasel

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mullet Bullet

Si mal no recuerdo el mullet era popular hace 30 años. Amigo creo que estas un poco atrasado con este peinado. No entiendo porque existen personas que insisten en seguir este corte de pelo. Y para cerrar con broche de oro el pelo estaba tan grasoso que la grasa chorreaba por sus largos pelo. 

As far as I remember the mullet was popular about 30 years ago. Buddy, I think you are a bit late with this hairstyle. I still fail to understand why some people insist on going for the mullet. To seal the deal, his hair was so greasy that the grease was dripping over his long locks. 

Cambio y fuera
Over and out

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crochet, leggings, and flowers

Probablemente me voy a quemar mas de lo que ya estoy quemada por este post. Pero el otro dia vi a una señora mayor con estos zapatos. Creo que deberia prohibirse la venta de estos zapatos a  cualquier persona mayor de 13 años. La combinacion de los leggings con la camisa tejida no es para todo tipo de cuerpo o persona. Favor de usar un espejo antes de salir a la calle. Para tu información los zapatos estan un poco grande...!

I'm probably going to have the worst karma ever for writing this post. But, the other day I saw an older woman with these shoes. I think the sale of these shoes should be banned to anyone that is 13 years or older. I am not digging the leggings + crochet combo. Attention: leggings are not meant for everyone please use  a mirror before leaving your house. FYI: The shoes are a tad big...

Cambio y fuera
Over and out

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cat Whiskers

Or maybe it is just a shadow above her lips?
El otro dia una de mis comadrejas corresponsales se encontro con esto. Si eres un niño pre-puberto entiendo este tipo de bigote. Sin embargo, amiga eres una mujer y obviamente ya paso aquellos años. Hazte el favor de visitar el salon y que te saquen ese bigote con cera...dura menos de 5 minutos y  el dolor es momentáneo. O sera que tener bigotes es la nueva movida de la vida?

One of my sneaky weasels sent me this beautiful picture. If you are a 13 year-old boy going into puberty I accept the stache. Nonetheless, baby girl your are a full grown woman that has obviously gone through those teenage days. Go do yourself a favor and wax that stache lasts less than 5 minutes and not too painful. Or maybe I'm just crazy and a lady stache is the next big thing?

Cambio y fuera
Over and out